Beautiful Thoughts for the New Year


Photography is about life more than it is about business and 2018 was such an overwhelming learning lesson; mostly because of all of you our clients. Now it is an entirely new year and a time to reflect upon the memories of last year; both positive and negative. The journey of life is filled with such a variety of experiences that it would be a mistake trying to define it. For us it was a beautiful year and we were glad to be part of you in order to tell candid and colourful stories. We look forward to even doing greater things in 2019 but what lessons can we learn from last year?


The first lesson is that there may not be a tomorrow so enjoy it now. Procrastination is a thief of time and you might not get a chance next time to celebrate that birthday, that anniversary, organize that wedding, propose to that love of your life, take that graduation portrait or even have a mount of your family hung on your living room wall. Hence, let’s leave the excuses of 2018 behind and embrace living in the moment right now. We hope that even as a business we shall take more risks and even continue to increase the quality of our output even as we expand our territories.

Another lesson we learnt last year is you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Many businesses and individuals are always giving excuses now and again and fear makes us avoid risk as much as possible. Imagine if Coca-Cola only sold Coca-Cola and didn’t have options such as Minute Maid or Dasani Drinking water, Fanta with all their flavours, Sprite, Krest and so on. Would they be as successful as they are globally. We think not. Hence, why don’t we take more risks this year? If you are a service provider, why don’t you give a variety of services even as you diversify? Think about it, you have nothing to lose in 2019 and everything to gain if everything goes well. Especially with the skyrocketing economy.

The next lesson was no one will care for you better than you will. The sad reality is that as much as we have friends or family they may not share our vision as much as we do; more so if it is about your passion. We all have something that we love. For us, it is telling stories. What do you hold dear? It may be singing, dancing, painting or even basketball. That is part of taking care of you; by ensuring that you do what you love doing because no one will do it for you. This new year, be a little bit selfish and invest in self care. Eat healthy, drink more water, do more exercise, engage in mediation and most of all do what you love. Versatile loves seeing smiles on our client’s faces and we will increase our efforts this year.

Last but not least; you don’t see the world as it actually is, but as you are. Most people expect the world to define itself for them but we forget perception is reality. If we are happy, the world will be happy. If we are negative, the world will be negative. Attitude is everything in this life. As a global brand, we trust that the world is our playing field in which we can be able to inspire and spread optimism not only through our photos but even our success stories. In 2019, let us change how we see things and the world will transform.

In conclusion, last year was amazing but we still have a chance to do better. We can achieve more, we can smile more, we can travel more, we can earn more and we can even love more. All we have to do is remember what life threw at us and how we responded. Was it the best way? If not, how can you better it this year? We know that for us, we shall only create more memories of our own even as we invite you to have yours taken at our studios. We are thankful though since we wouldn’t have been able to even open the Village Market branch without you guys. Have a fulfilling 2019 and allow us to hold your hand and give you a beautiful experience. Cheers!

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