Creating content for hotel marketing

There’s no doubt that the internet has revolutionized hotel marketing and advertising in today’s world. Companies and hotels no longer have to depend on traditional means to showcase their businesses. New technologies and platforms have simplified the creation, display, and transmission of content. The bulk of the work has therefore been left to Creatives who generate the content needed for advertising and marketing purposes.

Hotel marketing garden

Guests want a place where they can wind down after a long day or week at work, and therefore, the garden comes in handy when it comes to hotel marketing. At Versatile Photographers, our style of creating content incorporates creativity and style to showcase the ambiance and comfort that comes with spending time in your hotel garden.

Why Hotel Marketing?

Needless to say, content creation has gone a notch higher. Competition is rife in the industry. To develop content for hotel marketing, photographers, videographers and other content creators must go out of the way and become very creative and unique in their approach. This is the only way to deliver quality service and stand out. Hotels, on the other hand, have to embrace hotel marketing to stay afloat in an ever-competitive market.

Hotel marketing dining

Potential guests should see the dining experience and feel the ambiance in wait.

Our Focus

At Versatile Photographers, we purpose to create awesome content that tells a story of your product. The main reason why content is created for the hotel industry is to showcase what the place has to offer. This includes the products, services, experience, a general feel and ambiance of the place, all of which must be captured visually to relay a story. We recognize that in order to achieve this, there must be a variety of images, taken from different, versatile angles to narrate the story from all dimensions. Our creativity determines the approach, maintaining the ambiance of the hotel in every image.

Hotel marketing food

Food is an essential part of hotels and should be one of the highlights in creating content for hotel marketing. Artistic shots from multiple angles are the way to go to appeal to the imagination and taste buds of potential guests.

Capturing the ambiance

For instance, the honeymoon suite, with the bed garlanded with rose petals and set out neatly with towels embroidered into a heart, should be captured so as to give the audience a tangible, romantic feel. Tidily made beds in dimly lit rooms that possess a signature ambiance of peace and comfort must recreate the reality on the ground. And trim, calm receptions, lounges and dining tables should evoke interest. At Versatile Photographers, our professionalism ensures that we create content that brings out the best, highlighting even the little details that matter most in hotel marketing.

Best swimming pool

Content for hotel marketing must captivate the imagination of potential guests. It must paint a picture, promise a wonderful experience of spending time at the hotel. Make sure you capture the pool and area around it so well that your content paints a mental picture and gives the sure promise of a great time.

Attracting Guests

Content for hotel marketing is meant to attract guests and convert into bookings. It should, therefore, create in the imagination of potential clients a yearning to visit, dine and spend quality time at the hotel. Visual content has the powerful ability to be emotive, but only when it tells a story, painting the exact picture of the place. Most importantly, it should give potential guests a visceral experience, and this can only be made possible by showing how people enjoy the experience. For instance, in the case of a swimming pool, you can depict a model enjoying a dip, or basking in the sun on recliners. To add flavor to your content, show some of the refreshments guests may enjoy as they bask.

Hotel marketing gym

A model works out at a hotel gym. To create effective content for hotel marketing, one must showcase not just the place but the experience as well.

Showcasing the product

The best way to market a product is to show how people use it. This is why you will need a model for hotel marketing, to showcase not just the place but the experience as well. Perhaps the hotel has a lush garden where guests can wind down on benches with a book or a companion. Using models to showcase this kind of experience inspires and leaves a memorable impression in the minds of potential guests. Other places of recreation such as gyms and bars are perfectly demonstrated by incorporating creative shots of the space and the wonderful experience in wait. This way, people will picture themselves as guests and start making plans to visit!

Honeymoon bed

The honeymoon bed is at the heart of every hotel’s best interests to attract guests who are looking to celebrate their love. Therefore, there’s a need to create breathtaking content here, making sure every tiny detail is highlighted so as to evoke the interest of lovebirds.

Enticing taste buds

Food, an essential component of hotel marketing, should be given special highlight in the content you create. Artistic shots from multiple angles are the way to go. The presentation, which in most cases is appealing to the imagination and taste buds of the viewer, must be flawlessly captured with every detail in focus. Versatile Photographers creates the real experience of the place and gives potential guests the reason why they should invest in your product. We stretch our creativity to the limit to capture every major and minor detail in the best way possible.

Hillpark Hotel

What better feeling than relaxing by the pool after a swim with a drink and a book in hand. Let the content you create for hotel marketing speak in many words what it feels like to be a guest.

Creativity and Versatility

Our team keeps tabs and stays in touch with emerging trends in creating content for hotel marketing. We are determined not only to give value but also give a breath of air to the beauty in your hotel through the creation of wonderful, interactive content. This way, we bear firsthand testimony, proving to the world that your brand is worth investing and believing in, and this, without a doubt, gives us utmost satisfaction as it serves both our vision and mission as an agency.

Hotel Marketing model

The depiction of a client relaxing in the evening at the bar area of a hotel with a drink is like a call to action inviting revelers to the place.


STORY BY: David Macharia, Lead Creative Photographer, Versatile Photographers

EDITED BY: Tim Njugi, Writer, blogger and photographer

PHOTOS BY: Versatile photographers

CONTENT CREDITS:  Hillpark Hotel Nairobi





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