Everybody thinks Halloween is something creepy,something to do with devil worshipping but its not. I thought of that too until I realized it was just some tale told to us by our elder relatives,sisters,brothers,cousins,parents and friends.It celebrates legends who left a mark in the world,celebrities,lecturers,presidents,forefathers, actors,musicians etc. Its is all bound to create an impact here in Africa too. No matter how much we dislike change, we will get to a point where you’ve got to embrace it as it is. 

It’s time we learnt to appreciate new cultures and traditions as we would want ours to be appreciated. It doesn’t necessarily mean you celebrate evil, pick someone who made an impact in your life and dress like them,do some make up, play some music,do some skits. All that with your family,create a bond with nature,culture and perfect imperfections.


      I happened to attend the event at village market,it was riveting. It was exciting because I had no idea what I was in for,layer that night I came to understand the essence of it all. I embraced it and accepted it . People played music together,had a blast with family and friends,partied and got to meet new people across every nation. We all should embrace change as it comes and appreciate it,it’s not half as bad as anyone thinks. you get to meet new people and different cultures. It’s just like any other event celebrated everywhere. Just because it started in the western countries does not mean we shouldn’t accept it.

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