In a few hour’s time, all roads will lead to the Great Rift Valley for the Naivasha love festival. This is a three-day event happening from the 13-15th of February. The festival to be held at Hell’s Gate is expected to be a potpourri of food, culture, music, and love. Here’s why you cannot afford to miss out!

Naivasha Love Festival

Versatile Photographers CEO David Macharia, puts pen onto paper, confirming that Versatile School of Photography will be the official photographer at Naivasha Love Festival to be held between the 13th to the 15th of February 2020 at Hell’s Gate.

Entertainment at Naivasha Love Festival

Diamond Platinumz will grace the inaugural Naivasha Love festival with a performance on Valentine’s day. Other major artists expected to perform on the day will be Khaligraph Jones, Nadia, Ochungulo Family, Hart the Band and Kikuyu star, Mike Rua.  The performances have been organized by the Koroga festival team and will be happening for the first time outside Nairobi. Cultural performances and exhibitions to showcase and champion our culture will also happen. The festival will attract people from all walks of life including the international community.


Stakeholders arrive for the planning meeting at Hell’s Gate earlier in the year. Naivasha Love Festival will be the first-ever green festival in Africa.

Fun activities

The Naivasha Love Festival is themed into three days of activities as follows:

  1. Green Love: Day 1

A sustainability conference will open the festival on the 13th day of February. Stakeholders will sit down to discuss the challenges of sustainability and come up with a plan that will support green city plans.

  1. Love Red: Day 2

On Valentine’s Day, revelers will begin their day with a hike on Mount Longonot at 7 am. Later, they will partake in cleaning Lake Naivasha and tree planting. There will be engagements with conservationists on what should be done in order to preserve and take care of the environment. Finally, to call it a day, performances from various artists will paint the festival red.

Love festival

The Naivasha love festival was named after the rose flower, a symbol of love, and will be a celebration of love for our families, the environment and our communities.

  1. Cultural Love: Day 3

The last day of the festival will underscore our love for culture and art. Eburu Forest, a fantastically beautiful area termed a mystery for its rare interaction with humanity, will be activated in the morning with hikes and tree planting activities. Other activities of the day will include a cycling race inside Hell’s Gate Park. A boat competition in Lake Naivasha. More performances, cultural events, ecotourism activities, and exhibitions.

Boat riding

A bevy of fun activities is lined up at the Naivasha Love Festival, among them hiking, boat riding, cycling, performances by artists, and exhibitions to showcase our culture.

Why Naivasha?

Naivasha Love Festival was named after the rose flower which is the symbol of love and a major cash crop in the area. The region is an essential tourism destination in Kenya. It has also played host to some of the most important initiatives such as the peace agreement that ended the 2nd Sudanese Civil War and the Kenyan constitutional talks. Naivasha Love Festival will be Africa’s inaugural green festival. The event promises to be a lifetime experience for hikers, foodies, environmentalists, conservationists and basically every fun-loving person. This will be a rare chance to celebrate our love for family, the environment, and our communities at large.

STORY BY: David Macharia, CEO and Founder, Versatile Photographers

WRITTEN AND EDITED BY: Tim Njugi, Writer, Blogger and Photographer

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