Versatile Adventures is an initiative aimed at creating awareness on the fast depletion of our culture and wildlife, not only in Kenya but around the world. Over the years, animal census have raised alarming reports as the numbers steadily decrease with the contributing factors being human interference, encroachment and climate change.

At Versatile School of Photography we believe that everyone should be fully equipped and capable of exploring their world to find what is good in it, capture it and use it to tell a story that inspires others. If you are passionate about photography please visit our school website for more details.

Africa Stock Images is a stock photo company aimed at enabling photographers and designers around the continent to showcase, tell stories and sell their creativity about Africa through our platform.

Versatile TV is a platform that engages different clusters of people in different niches in life by telling their story through photography and video. We focus on three areas that is; Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Mentorship programs.