Mounting of photos has evolved immensely over the years. Framing has largely outdone mounting. The rise of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram has shifted preference to soft copy pictures. Most people now prefer having their tangible pictures displayed in the best way possible. There is no doubt then; mounted photos have a unique, visual expression and a conspicuous sense of style.

Photo mounting process

Slabs of wood ready for photo mounting.

Photo mounting 101

To keep up with the times, photographers have to ensure that clients get top-quality mounts for their pictures. The services we offer, from taking photos to their production and finishing, must satisfy and transcend the expectations of clients. Photographers as Creatives must not limit their creativity to the task of taking pictures. This is because as artists, we are obliged to serve the creative principle to the latter.

Photo mounting

Laying down the lamination paper in readiness for photo mounting.

Why photo finishing matters

Photo mounting is an art that can work for or against your photography. This is the reason why every photographer should have the end in mind even before setting up for a photo-shoot. Imagine going out of your way to take wonderful, creative pictures only to get poor production and finishing services? This will frustrate the entire process and deny value to the client who has trusted you enough with the job. To avoid this scenario, Creatives must first understand the crucial importance of whatever comes after taking photos.

The process of photo mounting takes a series of steps. Here, a workman applies glue in readiness for mounting.

Why photo mounting?

To display your work means everything to the success of your brand. Therefore, there’s a great need to seek the best type of display for your photos. Photo mounting safeguards pictures from environmental conditions and the effects that come with hanging them on walls. This gives your work a durable life, preserving and protecting it from damage. Every Creative, be it a painter or a photographer wants to see their work produced and displayed in a long-lasting format. This way, art gets an eternal breath of life. At Versatile Photographers workshop, our mounts are produced on high-quality wood, giving your work a perfect, elegant finish.

Mounts give you the option of enlarging your pictures for display while maintaining their quality. Even photos taken decades ago when mounting was unheard of can now be mounted. But perhaps the most enticing fact about photo mounting is that it enhances the beauty and style of photos. If you are looking for a touch of class on your photos, then mounting is no doubt the way to go.

Photo mounting

Finalizing the process of photo finishing requires the utmost care so as to make sure the edges are neat.

Home Galleries

The ease involved in handling mounts gives them a portable character. In addition to this, you can easily move mounts without the fear of easily damaging them as they are not as fragile as frames. Photo mounting also gives you a chance to display your photos in a variety of ways depending on the amount of space you have. At Versatile Photographers, we offer the valuable but rare service of arranging your home galleries in an artistic, inspiring way so as to create an appealing ambiance in your room. The color you choose for the borders of your mount also gives your home or office a fashionable look. Therefore, mounts give your pictures more visual influence over the viewer. Mounts spruce your space and can be easily displayed on corridors, sitting rooms, stairways, and any other room.

Versatile Home Gallery

A beautiful home gallery designed by Versatile Photographers’ creative team.

At Versatile Photographers, our professional photo mounting team ensures that mounts enhance the beauty and style of photos. This, we recognize, is one of the outstanding traits that make mounts stand out over other forms of photofinishing. Creating visual content culminates in photofinishing. Professional photographers and other artists must, therefore, acknowledge that there is no compromise to the fact that consumers deserve the best mounts, and this should be at the core of our mission.


STORY BY David Macharia, CEO and Founder, Versatile Photographers

WRITTEN AND EDITED BY Tim Njugi, Writer, Blogger and Photographer

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