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David Macharia, Lead Creative Photographer and CEO, Versatile Photographers.

I believe that every living thing deserves to be supported to experience the best possible version of its life.

I have had the privilege of working and sharing my life with some of the most brilliant individuals through my eighteen-year career as a professional photographer.

Family portraits have supported me in one way or another to establish a number of ventures through which I have been able to express my love for photography, travel, and mentorship.

David Macharia,


Versatile Photographers.





Versatile Photographers


Creating content that reshapes the ideology of Africa to the world.


To endeavor in transforming lives through arts.


Founded in 2007, Versatile Photographers is an agency that brings together a unique team of creatives in professional photography and film who produce outstanding content.

We specialize in both commercial and candid photography while fast making a name in the industry with our artistic style of work.

The passion we have for photography and video has led us to venture into various fields of photography including commercial, portraiture, corporate events, architectural, wildlife and documentaries.


Versatile Photographers Corporate Packages

Versatile Photographers corporate packagesEmployee of the month voucher.

End of year appreciation voucher

Birthday Photoshoot.

Business headshots and portraits

Events coverage.

Photography Training.

Interviews & Documentary.

Commercial Photography.

Photography In The Wild.

Corporate Social Responsibility products.


Employee of the month voucher

Versatile Photographers


There’s no better way to encourage excellent performance than through motivation. Versatile Photographers holds dear the important role of employees in a company and strongly believes in rewarding good performance.

Companies buy vouchers from our friendly studio packages to appreciate their best employees at the end of each month. This will act as a motivation to others. Not only is a professional photoshoot a creative way of rewarding good performers, but it is also the best way of keeping the precious memories of success alive.



End of year appreciation voucher

Versatile PhotographersAt every close of the year, companies look back in retrospect and take stock. They celebrate their ups and downs and look forward to another year. At this point, there’s a great need to appreciate those who have been part and parcel of the entire process.

This rejuvenates the dedication of workers ahead of another year and creates a culture of hard work. When employees are appreciated, they become satisfied, and this automatically boosts their performance. What better way to do this than to create memories every end of the year through a professional photoshoot?

Versatile Photographers offers employees vouchers for studio photoshoots through which companies can appreciate their staff in a very unique way.


Birthday Photoshoot

Versatile PhotographersBirthdays are the epitome of our joy. When companies show love and appreciation to their employees on their special day, this brings unity and forges strong bonds that are crucial to success.

Versatile Photographers wants to be part of this special moment. We not only facilitate that joy through our professional photography services, but we also join in celebrating and making your joy complete with birthday vouchers and packages that are friendly and enticing.


Employees Gift Vouchers


Bravo package…….. Ksh. 2,200.00

1 Mounted photo size 8”x 12”

5 Printed size 4×6

All images in softcopy


Urban Package…….. Ksh. 4,300.00

1 mounted photo size 12” x 18”

5 Printed 4” x 6″

All images in softcopy


Best Employee Package……. Ksh. 7,600.00

1 mounted photo size 12” x 18”

2 Mounted photo size 8”x 12”

5 Printed 4” x 6”

All images in softcopy


Fairy Tale Package……. Ksh. 11,600.00

1 mounted photo size 12” x 18”

2 Mounted photo size 8”x 12”

4 in 1 Frame.

5 Printed 4” x 6”

All images in softcopy


Business headshots and portraits

Versatile PhotographersA picture speaks in a thousand words. This is why corporate headshots and portraits are extremely crucial to the promotion of any brand. Portraits and headshots portray your story even before you utter a word. They have a great impact in creating perception and evoking persuasion. The warmth of your smile conveys amiability. A confident look in your eyes narrates de-termination and reliability.

Most importantly, business headshots and portraits are a demonstration of professionalism and a headline of your profile.

Versatile Photographers identifies with these facts and has lined up incredible packages geared towards making sure businesses get the most professionally-taken headshots and portraits.


Corporate events coverage

Versatile Photographers

President Barack Obama and his counterpart Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta at the GES Summit in 2015 when the US president visited Kenya.

Versatile Photographers recognizes that, every so often, staff, board members of companies or stakeholders in an industry congregate for different functions. Their discussions and activities are always a subject of great importance.

There’s a crucial need of covering these events, not only to disseminate information to the world in real-time but also create a visual-audio reference and documentation of the occasion for future purposes. Events coverage also provides a platform to get exposure and market the business or industry. Our packages are handy, and our services exceptionally professional.


                                                                                  Photography Training

Versatile PhotographersIn a rapidly developing, technological world, there’s a great need for employees to learn hands-on photography skills. This is owing to the fact that members of staff, mostly from the communication department, are best-placed to create and tell the story of the business. Such information goes a long way in advancing the agenda of the company, marketing and boosting profitability.

Versatile Photographers offers excellent training opportunities to employees, giving them practical skills of both photography and video using smartphones, tablets, and cameras. Our packages are nothing compared to the benefits accrued in the training.

Interviews & Documentary

Stories of success need to be told in order to inspire and challenge others. In today’s world, companies and individuals can reach out to their audiences through audio-visual channels. This is the most effective and quickest means of communication.

In recognition of this, Versatile Photographers offers coverage for interviews and documentaries of companies and individuals. The productions are top-notch and professional. We have state of the art production studio and our packages are fair.


                                                                                                      Commercial Photography

Versatile PhotographersThe soul of any business is found in the products and services that it trades. Every commercial undertaking, therefore, needs to showcase what it has to offer in order to woo customers. This needs to be done in a very effectual manner, putting in mind that the best way to advertise is through photography and video.

A shortage of commercial photography expertise has been a challenge to many business ventures. Versatile Photographers bridges this gap by offering the most proficient commercial photography services in the country.

Photography In The Wild

Conservation is at the heart of our mission as Versatile Photographers. As a result, we have endeavored on a mission to promote conservation through photography. We give companies and staff an opportunity to go for game drives in national parks and learn how to capture images that tell a story as they network in the company of nature.

By using photography as a tool for conservation, we not only showcase the beauty of nature and culture, we help create content and, most importantly, encourage people to take care of the environment. Companies can take advantage of our reasonable packages and offer their employees a chance to participate in this worthy cause for the overall benefit of our planet. This mission can be a very unique part of team building.



Versatile photographers packages

Our content has been donated to Kenya Wildlife Services for marketing on their social media channels, billboards, and website. It has also been published on several publications such as the prestigious BBC Wildlife Magazine, Samantha bridal, Vogue and many others. We have won several accolades and awards.

In the year 2018, we designed a coffee table book called Asili Yetu Africa based on wildlife, culture, tourism, and conservation. It is an 80-page book that can be used as a souvenir or a gift. Many of our images are showcased at our Versatile Art Gallery where we raise funds to run our projects.

Further, we partnered with Kenya Wildlife Service for an initiative called #PhotographyInTheWild. This created a revolution of upcoming photographers and other creatives on how to tell positive stories about Kenya. This project is monthly and we hold game drives at Nairobi National Park and other parts of the country as we teach both photography and conservation.

Versatile Photographers

Versatile Photographers receive their award for Best Photography Solution of the year at the Africa MICE Awards 2019.

Versatile photographers won the Photography Solution of the Year Award at the Africa MICE Awards 2019 held at the Global MICE Summit. The achievement is proof of the exemplary performance and dedication of Versatile Photographers to giving clients the best professional service. It is also a reminder that excellence is the only way to achieve and meet expectations in a competitive global market.

The Africa MICE Awards recognize industry players that are innovative in organizing business events and whose expertise and service levels meet global standards. It comprises four categories: Event Excellence Awards, Suppliers Excellence Awards, Industry Achievement Award, and the Individual Award category.


Social Impact

Versatile Photographers Through my career, I have come to the realization, obvious as it may be, that in the whole scheme of things, being human is the most important thing on earth. Each human being has the capacity of bringing about positive change in the world through the smallest efforts.

This implies that the challenges we face, the depletion of natural resources on earth, the extinction of species and climate change among others are not so much a result of a few humans destroying the environment. These things happen because a majority of people are unaware or unable to play their deliberate, positive part to make the world a better place.

The projects I undertake focus mainly on showcasing the beautiful relationships between people, the environments they live, and the small efforts they make to sustain them, sometimes in the most unlikely places on earth.

I travel with organizations undertaking humanitarian missions and use photography as my pen to transform their social way of living into economic activities with resources they already have.

David Macharia,

Founder/CEO Versatile Photographers.


Corporate Social Responsibility Products

Obama Portrait Donation (CSR)

Versatile Photographers Obama portraitVersatile PhotographersAt Versatile Photographers, humanity is our foremost undertaking. It is the reason why we strive to attain the high-est professionalism, create memorable experiences and portray the beauties of life to the world through photography and video. In that same spirit, corporate social responsibility comes first. Versatile Photographers runs a CSR drive of donating an Obama portrait captured by C.E.O David Macharia to schools with motivating captions written on it in order to motivate and inspire learners.

The portrait, printed on high-quality wooden mount, is also sold at $200. Funds collected go to Versatile School of Photography to support youth who want to learn photography and entrepreneurship skills in the creative economy.

The portraits can be displayed in offices, libraries, corridors, halls, cafeterias, hubs, etc. Companies and institutions can participate in this mission by buying the portraits; therefore contribute to transforming lives of upcoming creatives.


Asili Yetu Afrika ( Coffee table book)

Asili Yetu Afrika is a compilation of curated images taken by our creative lead photographer over his photography career that clearly presents the history and heritage of Kenya.

The book is based on the fact that there is a clear gap in African history.

As far as most Africans know, colonial history is our main history.

This has led to an enduring identity crisis and an understated inferiority complex in relation to other people around the world.

This book is part of efforts to explore and attempt to present elements in our present world that can help us connect with our true history as Africans. It is also an appreciation and preservation of the gift of the present, progressive times we live in.

The coffee table book is available for sale at Ksh 20,000 to individuals, embassies, government, and non-government institutions as a souvenir gift to visitors in our country. The proceeds go to a kitty for needy students who want to learn photography and also to run the Versatile Art Gallery.

Versatile PhotographersDavid Macharia Squirell PortraitVersatile Photographers major clientsVersatile Photographers packages

BY: David Macharia, CEO and Founder, Versatile Photographers

EDITED BY: Tim Njugi, Writer, Blogger and Photographer



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  2. […] January this year, I was lucky to receive sponsorship by Versatile Photographers through their CSR program to study photography at Versatile School of Photography. This remains the best thing that ever […]

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