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Saville the Photographer: My one year journey of Photography

Who am I?

My name is Saville Victor. I’m an alumnus of Versatile School of Photography and a budding photographer from Nairobi, Kenya. I discovered photography over a year ago in early 2018 after seeing my aunt’s Nikon camera. The gadget captivated me so much that it evoked in me a deep interest. I now wanted to know more, and therefore, I asked my aunt about it. She gave a brief explanation of how the camera worked. Afterward, I began to do some thinking. And this was the beginning of my wonderful journey of photography.

Versatile school

Captured in Umoja, Nairobi. Photo Credits: Saville Victor

Turning Point

I started cultivating my interest in photography. With time zeal and interest grew. My turning point happened in the month of April 2018 when my aunt gave me her camera to take photos at an event. It was a retirement celebration. Since I had already cleared school and was still juggling looking for something to do, I did not hesitate. I took the opportunity, gave it my best. Eventually, I did a very good job because, after the event, family and friends were applauding me saying, “Wow, the photos are so nice.”

Versatile School alumi

“Photography is now my worthwhile career, and with time, I hope to expand in terms of knowledge, skills, and gear.”Photo Credits: Saville Victor.

The decisive moment

Interesting to note is the fact that by then, I did not have any considerable knowledge of key terms in photography like ISO, Shutter speed and so on. But I still managed to impress people who were well exposed. This motivated me. My confidence increased. I realized that photography was something I needed to pursue. Therefore, I decided to go to school. I wanted to know everything about photography and use the knowledge to improve my skills.

Nairobi City

Nairobi city from Uhuru Park. Photo Credits: Saville Victor

The learning

I discovered Versatile School of Photography on the internet after my mother told me to look for a place to learn. The institution was the first on the list of best photography schools in Kenya. I wanted to get the best training. Naturally, I enrolled to join Versatile School back in February 2019. At Versatile I learned so many things. I was taken through the basic terms and everything needed to improve my photography skills. Learning how to focus on a subject and how to work out different lighting options based on the time of day and setting was one of the most exciting lessons I learned.

Versatile School lessons

Freezing the moment. Photo Credit: Saville Victor.


The experience at Versatile School of Photography was very helpful in developing my skills as well as my personality. Teachers were brilliant, engaging and enlightening, making the lessons fun and informative. At Versatile School of Photography, I learned how to start and run a successful photography business. I’m happy to say that I now run my own business known as Saville Photography. The lesson on personal branding taught at Versatile School has helped me create an interesting personal brand, know how to dress up for the job and talk to clients in a good way.


The Kenyatta International Convention Centre in Nairobi, Kenya. Photo Credits: Saville Victor.


Thanks to the training I got at Versatile School I’ve been able to position myself in the market as a professional photographer and get clients. My business is doing well so far because I’ve handled many projects including a wedding back in July. I now do photography on a full-time basis, mostly covering events like birthdays, graduations, etc. Portraiture is my area of specialization. The greatest challenge I’ve faced has been working with clients who refuse to pay. I’ve also been affected negatively by the restrictions of photography in some areas especially here in Nairobi. The government should ease these limitations and promote photography business so that Kenyans can have faith in their photographers.

Saville Victor

Saville Victor is an alumnus of Versatile School of Photography. He now runs a successful photography business.

Worthwhile career

Otherwise, I really enjoy my work and I’m very thankful to Versatile School for the training and opportunities. Photography is now my worthwhile career, and with time, I hope to expand in terms of knowledge, skills, and gear. Five years from now I want to be the best-known photographer in Kenya. I believe the passion that drives me every day will get me there. Meanwhile, check me out on Instagram @savillethephotographer.


STORY BY: Saville Victor, @savillethephotographer

EDITED BY: Tim Njugi, Writer, Blogger, Photographer




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